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Sonic Lost World Wii U Gameplay Footage

Review: Sonic Lost World

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Dr Eggman is up to his old tricks! That’s right – our favorite blue hedgehog is back in his latest adventure, exclusive to the Wii U – Sonic Team has taken the Sonic Formula back to the drawing board and it’s time to find out if it paid off in Sonic: Lost World.

Try your hardest to erase the memories of the gameplay in Sonic games from the past few years – this is a brand new take on the classic formula that made Sonic great – a back to basics, if you will. No more obnoxious speed boosts and dash techniques. This game is

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all about platforming and because of that – new Sonic controls a little different. On default, Sonic now walks around at a normal speed. Hold the trigger button though, and he becomes the blue blur, running around as Sonic does. Keep this button pressed while running into walls, and Sonic will bust out his best Parkour, which admittedly isn’t very good.
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jump with a few buttons and depending on what you press afterwards, Sonic can perform a few new tricks like his homing attack, a ground pound, or his brand new ninja kick.
It gets online pharmacy viagra pretty confusing as some enemies require kicks to kill, others require stomps and others can be killed with just a jump or homing attack. Its sildenafil 20 mg never really clear which one to use so, good luck! A real poor design choice here.

One of the buttons even makes Sonic do this awkward roll.


This. Game. Is. Gorgeous.

Sonic Lost World – Yoshi’s Island DLC

Sonic games have always pushed the cialis and the heart limits of the hardware they’re on and this game is no different. When I say Sonic Team went back to the drawing board – I mean it. The overly complex mechanical enemies are gone and we’re back to a simple cartoony style that looks fantastic. The worlds themselves are also filled to the brim with detail and wonderful surprises are hidden every fast turn.

Despite all that, the game just isn’t very fun. The controls are ridiculously stupid. Sonic’s walk is too slow and his run is too fast. because of this imbalance the levels are poorly designed and the more and more I played it – the worse it got. As some kind of dirt in the face tactic, the player is rewarded for beating the game with 4 of the worst sonic levels I’ve ever played in my entire life. It feels as though this Sonic game never quite understood what it wanted to be. A platformer? An infinite runner? Maybe a Flappy Bird clone? I have no clue, and I don’t think the designers had a grasp for that either.

Combine this with the God-awful cutscenes… UGH…

Visually, Sonic Team did a wonderful job. This is one of the best looking Sonic games I’ve played. The soundtrack is also pretty fun and darn catchy!

Sonic Lost World – Zelda DLC

However, graphics and music aren’t everything and while it’s the most canadian cialis beautiful Sonic game I’ve played – it’s also the hardest and most uncomfortable to play. What hurts the most is that this is the closest Sonic Team has gotten to making a great Sonic game and as a Sonic fan, that makes it even worse. The Dev Team has put a lot of great effort into some awesome DLC for Sonic Lost World, but that’s definitely no reason to buy this game.

Sonic Lost World gets a 2 out of 5.

Based on friends reactions, this is a pretty polarizing Sonic game. You either hate it, or you sort of like it. What do you think? Leave a comment down below – and be sure to check out some gameplay videos of Sonic Lost World’s Zelda and Yoshi based DLC.

Thanks for watching! Don’t forget to

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Zelda Wind Waker HD Ganondorf Figure Unboxing

Unboxing: Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD Collector’s Edition

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Exclusive to GameStop, Nintendo released cialis everyday a Collector’s Edition of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD which came bundled certified canadian international pharmacy with an EPIC does viagra increase blood pressure figure/statue of Ganondorf.

The bundle might be sold out, but it’s worth checking your viagra vs dragon light local GameStop to see how long cialis if they have it in stock. The bundle

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cialis generic sold for $60, which online viagra is only $10 more than the game by itself.