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Moon Chronicles Video Review for Nintendo 3DS

Moon: Chronicles Review

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Just your ordinary day in the year 2058. You arrive on the lunar surface for an investigation when suddenly: things go ary. It’s up to you, Major Kane, to take matters into your own hands and discover what’s happening below ground in Moon: Chronicles from Renegade Kid, an enhanced re-release of their DS game, Moon.

Moon Chronicles is a pretty basic single-player FPS, and amazingly, the first FPS on

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the 3DS. You run and gun through tight corridors and arena style rooms trying to locate secret artifacts and follow mysterious beacons. The whole game has this sort of Super Metroid/Metroid Prime feel as you explore deeper and deeper into the Moon discovering tougher enemies, new weapons or gadgets and overall getting closer to understanding a closely guarded government secret. The story is non-invasive and really allows you to enjoy the beauty of an FPS in glorious 3D. Seriously, where has this been all my life? The DS had multiple Call of Duty games and even Metroid Prime: Hunters. An FPS on the 3DS just feels right and props to Renegade Kid for being the first on this ship.

The graphics for this re-release are looking great. Not much was done in enhancing the polygon count, but the textures are now smooth as silk and the game is running at 60 frames per second, even in 3D. The art style is very reminiscent of Metroid and Alien combined which is perfect for the storyline. Cutscenes are pre-rendered and I was honestly taken back by how cinematic they are. Plus, the eerie sci-fi music fits well over the mysterious atmosphere. Overall, this is just a finely crafted game.

Renegade Kid was founded in 2007 by Jools Watsham and Gregg Hargrove, two well experienced developers who worked on games since the NES days. Their first game as Renegade Kid was Dementium, a survival horror FPS for the original DS, with the original Moon following soon after. For a full history

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of Renegade Kid and interview with founder Jools Watsham, be sure to watch below.

I honestly only have one gripe coming away from Moon Chronicles and that’s the controls. While it’s great there’s something for everybody, through stylus controls, dual buttons or even the Circle Pad Pro, there isn’t much control over how things move. There’s no finessing in either control scheme to ensure sensitivity is where you like it, so it adds some time to the learning curve.

With all that being said, this is still an amazing game and a brilliant concept. I never had the chance to enjoy the original Moon and for first-time players like me, there is no better way to enjoy this story than with a wider screen, enhanced graphics and 60 frames per second smoothness, even in 3D! The storyline, while not revealing too much, feels well suited for this episodic style release and I am already looking forward to the next episode in the series and the all-new Season 2 after that.

I’ve been told that Renegade Kid aims to have all episodes released by the end of 2014 or very beginning of 2015, with season 2 following soon after based on fan feedback, which makes this whole episodic thing even more exciting.

If you’ve been hungry for a 3D FPS with an awesome storyline, then rest easy because you’ve found it. this game is FUN and with an extra unlockable mission, a challenging Veteran difficulty mode, and the prospects of future episodes you’ll have plenty to

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do despite the short playtime. In fact, just writing this review has made me want to go back and play it again.

Moon Chronicles Episode 1 gets a 4.5 out of 5. Bring on Episode 2!

Thanks so much for watching the review. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below – hit those like and subscribe buttons and be sure to stay tuned for more awesome stuff, here on Dvelop.TV

Animal Crossing New Leaf Review Featured Image

Review: Animal Crossing – New Leaf

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Animal Crossing – New Leaf
Developer: Nintendo EAD
Platform(s): Nintendo 3DS

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with Animal Crossing New Leaf. This game.. has sucked so many hours of my life away.. and I have barely scratched the surface. At it’s core – Animal Crossing is a life sim.. but in reality…. it’s so much more than that… and this is, by far, the BEST entry in the series.

If you haven’t played Animal Crossing – let me give you the gist. you’re a young male or female moving to a new city inhabited by animal creatures who are going to become your best friends cialis canadian pharmacy in a world filled with fruit, fishes and this classy gentleman. His name is Tom Nook.

This time around, you’re the mayor of this city. You’re in charge of making sure the citizens are happy, shops are thriving, and the overall growth of your town. There aren’t many consequences if you don’t do your part. I mean – people may move out and weeds will infest but really – this is a game to play at your pace. The world reacts in real time and you can come and go as you please. Want to go fishing? Do it. Or are you more of the gardening type – trying to start the epitome of all flower beds. What about making custom outfits? Seriously. This choice is yours. Just do it!!

Graphically this

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is the best looking game in the series. In fact, there are times where I’ve just pharmacy technician classes online free impressed by how beautiful venous leak cialis it is. There’s this great blend of cartoony style generic sildenafil citrate with normal and specular mapping, giving the world this shiny feel. Like cute little toys. The music isn’t as catchy as previous games – but it’s still great. New tracks for a new leaf.

I also want to give major props to the sound designers. Wow. One of the most under-appreciated gems in this game is how well everything sounds. From the wet dirt as you walk through the beach to the clang of your new shovel hitting a rock. Why does this game sound so good?

It’s such a pleasant experience. Relaxing Cool. Collected. A great escape game.

This game is of course developed by Nintendo – specifically their 2nd EAD sildenafil 20 mg group. They’ve been developing Animal Crossing games since Wild World on the DS but they’ve really outdone themselves with New Leaf. This is the same team behind classics like Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort – so they know all about making a game addictive with deep integrated features. You may be thinking “What? Deep features and addictive gameplay in Wii Sports Resort?”

But seriously. Go play that game again. There is a LOT to do, and Animal Crossing New Leaf multiplies that by 10 times.

.My only gripe with New Leaf is how some of the Interface is presented to us. There are moments where things make total sense. I drag this here and I get this result – or I hit this button to do this. Other times I sit there for at least 30 seconds thinking “Wait. How do I do this?” It’s terrible inconsistent – and it provides a steep learning curve.

But seriously? This is such a small issue to have with this game.

I can’t say it enough. This is THE BEST ENTRY IN THE SERIES. There is so much to do for the next year or two. A Fishing Catalog to complete, fossils to find, houses to upgrade, structures to build and friends to be made. Combine this with an online mode that not only allows you to interact with and visit other players – but they’ve also added a new island where you can play minigames with friends or with total strangers with full communication online. The online integration is AMAZING. And it’s a handheld game. The future is here folks.

I’m making this review quick because just like there is so much to do in this game – there is so much to say about it as well. The development team has gone above and beyond their abilities to make this a fresh new entry in the series. The level of detail is absolutely astounding. There are so many new features, activities and interactions giving You have so much control over the experience you have. If you have any specific questions – please leave them in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them but I demand you get off your chair and buy bs in pharmacy online this game for yourself, if you haven’t already. Or just head to the 3DS eshop and get it installed digitally. Just buy it. I’m giving Animal Crossing New Leaf a 5/5. A shining star in the 3DS library – and a game I’ll be playing everyday.

Mighty Switch Force 2 Featured Image

Review: Mighty Switch Force 2

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Mighty Switch Force 2
Developer: WayForward
Platforms: 3DS, Wii U (Coming Soon)

This is Mighty Switch Force 2 – A puzzle platforming adventure from the amazing folks at cialis dosage WayForward available now for the Nintendo 3DS eShop. In case you couldn’t tell by the name, this is a sequel to what many consider to be one of the eShops greatest titles but where does the sequel stand when compared to it’s great predeacessor? Well, I guess that’s what we’re here to find out.

In Mighty Switch Force 2, you play as Patty Wagon, a cop turned firefighter as she traverses through the world rescuing the Hooligan Sisters by switching blocks either on or off and using her hose to put out fires, defeat enemies and disintegrate mud blocks. The goal is to rescue all 5 sisters as fast as you can without dying. A simple concept but loads of fun.

WayForward should be known for their amazing hand-drawn graphics and sprite work and Mighty Switch Force 2 generic viagra online is another beautiful title in their amazing library. All of the animations in this game are fluid and full of character. I’m also very impressed with the 3D

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what is shelf life of viagra lot of sidescrolling 3DS titles have issues with ghosting but WayForward really did a solid job with the depth. I love the embers flying around the screen and when enemies get knocked forward.

The music is also really nice – a mix between fun J-Pop and Dubstep lead to some very interesting tracks. Nothing too memorable but they fit the tone of the game perfectly.

Critics loved the first Mighty Switch Force but many commented on how short the game was. This sequel is no different. Very short. You

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can beat all the levels in about 4 hours but trying to collect everything will at least double that and trust me, the game rewards you for doing so. It’s honestly just a shame that WayFoward built such a solid gameplay mechanic and by the end of the game, you are almost a pro with Patty’s abilities and you really start getting canadian pharmacy meds online into a groove before it ends. I wanted more after playing the first game so I’m really glad they released a sequel but now I want more again!! Luckily, the price tag on both games is extremely affordable so you definitely get your bang for the buck.

For fans of the first game, there is tons of new content and new tricks to master. If you haven’t played the orignal game, I highly suggest you pick up both Especially if you’re a plan of puzzling platformers. Because of this highly addictive gameplay, great aesthetics and the usual WayForward charm and polish, I’m giving MSF2 a 4 out of 5. Buy. It. Now.

Toca Boca App Featured Image

Review: Toca Builders

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Toca Builders
Developer: TocaBoca
Platform(s): iPhone, Android

This is Toca Builders, from the amazing team at Toca Boca. They aren’t calling this a game. This is a digital toy for iOS which is all about creation and imagination.

I have a few friends with kids and I’m uncle to a niece and nephews myself so one thing I noticed about young kids is they LOVE using iPhones, Tablets and any technology they can get their hands on really… but very few developers are building HIGH quality apps for children. Toca Boca on other other hand is one of the few developers who are absolutely putting an outstanding amount of work into their digital toys and Toca Builders is SURE to please.

You start Toca Builders by creating a world where you control 6 little robots – each with their own abilities and contributions to the building process. You have a wide assortment of colors you can build with so really, the only limit here is your imagination.

You may draw comparisons to Minecraft upon first impressions of Toca Builders but I really feel this is something unique, even compared to Minecraft’s creative mode. This game is simple in the most beautiful way possible. It’s pure creation but there’s also a bit of puzzling and intricacies behind the simplicity. Because you have control upto 6 unique builders – it’s upto you, or your children, to figure out which robot to use in order to get certain tasks done. In fact, this toy was designed around that entire idea. Challenge the player to think of an idea and then come up with a solution on how to get it done. Anyone can see how this is beneficial in a toy and I absolutely love that philosophy.

As it stands right now, Toca Builders has a few limitations. The worlds are a bit small and your creations can only go so high which can be limiting. The controls also take some getting used to and each robot controls differently leading to a bit of a learning curve.

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There’s also no way to share creations online other than a screenshot feature which, admittedly, is nice.

The game was obviously designed for younger minds and there is something so beautifully minimalistic about Toca Builders that I absolutely love. Sure, the game looks nice and the robots are cute – but your creations really stand out in this amazing world Toca Boca has created and this peaceful experience gets a 3.5 out of 5 from me, I really think your younger children will love it – and it’s a great way to pass

the time. I’m excited to see how Toca Boca builds upon it. By the way, at time of this review – the game is only 99c! So go get it!! And the folks at Toca Boca have let me know that they are working hard on

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an Android version for release by the end of the year.

Thanks so much for watching this review on Toca Builders. If you pick it up please share your creations with me on Twitter – @MrMarkZamora or leave a comment down below. As always, we appreciate the subscriptions and thumbs up!! I’ll see you next time.