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Wolf Among Us - Episode 1 Screenshot - Bigby Wolf

REVIEW: Wolf Among Us Ep 1: Faith

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If you look hard enough, everyone has a dark side and a story to go with it. Telltale Games’ new episodic adventure series The Wolf Among Us wants you to explore that dark side all while telling a compelling story of murder, intrigue, and punishment cialis and wellbutrin taken together all with a

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You’ll play as Bigby Wolf, the reformed Big Bad Wolf of legend and Sheriff of Fabletown, a swath of the New York city skyline populated by the former denizens of children’s stories cum-refugees of a catastrophic war.


If you’ve played a Telltale adventure game in the past few canada cialis years then the controls of this game won’t surprise you. As with their previous titles you’re able to control the main character’s movements with your keyboard or controller directly unlike most adventure games. Contextual menus appear over items and people and during combat or action sequences. You spend most of your time conversing with other characters to look for clues, catch them in lies, and sometimes just to get to know them a bit. The action has a really nice pacing and flow to it even if it does boil down to a series of quick-time events.


It might be a little out of the scope of this review to do it but I just have to. If you have never read any of the Fables comic book series that this game is based on then by all means, pick up the first story arc as soon as possible, you’ll thank me. Now you don’t really have to read the series to understand the game or enjoy it, but it could definitely help.

Episode 1 of the series, Faith, follows Bigby as he attempts to solve the murder of a mysteriously decapitated citizen of Fabletown and does a solid job of setting up darkly humorous and hard-boiled setting. Think of it as noir meets fantasy.

The game gives you a sliver of backstory about Fabletown at the onset and then asks you to just accept the premise and move on. I actually like this approach because it almost forces a suspension of disbelief. Couple that with smartly written dialogue, superb voice acting, and an intriguing concept and you have all the makings for a compelling story.

Art Style

The Wolf Among Us has some of my favorite art of any game this year hands down. The time and care that was put into the art assets for this game is evident. Where The Walking Dead took some liberties with the design of the source material this game feels like a faithful recreation down to the common details in character’s faces.

It also has some of the most interesting and evocative use of color I have seen in a video game. Every shot feels like a living comic book panel and displays a real economy of design.

Profile Comparison

Founded in June of 2004 by a group of former LucasArts developers Telltale Games started making a name for itself with a sequel to the classic adventure game series Sam & Max. They later became well known for high-quality licensed content such as the Back to the Future and The Walking Dead; the latter winning over eighty 2012 Game of the Year awards.

Telltale has proven that they’re more than capable of value online pharmacy producing solid, emotional, and at times heartbreaking video game experiences.

Big Nitpicks

I don’t have cialis low platelets much negative to say about this first episode. It’s certainly a little short but within the two hours max that it will take you to complete there is a lot happening. I just want more.


This has been one of the best gaming experiences I have had this year. It has a gorgeous and dynamic art style, a striking use of color, and engaging writing. The actual gameplay is simplistic but never boring and never intrudes on the player’s enjoyment of the story.

Overall Score

With its beautiful art style and compelling dialogue you should using cialis when trying to cialis dosage how much to take get pregnant absolutely pick up this first episode in what is already shaping up to be another wonderful experience from Telltale Games. I’m giving The Wolf Among Us’ first episode a five out of five.

And that’s all for this review folks! Be sure to check back with us over the coming weeks as I review each episode in the series. If you liked this review then go ahead and click subscribe, give us a generic viagra thumbs up, and leave a comment below! Oh and don’t forget to watch our episodic game development documentary Castor & Pollux!

Rayman Legends Review - Featured Image

Review: Rayman Legends

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Rayman Legends
Developer: Ubisoft Montpellier
Platform(s): Wii U / 360 / PS3 / Vita / PC

Have you ever been so tired that you thought you could sleep for a hundred years? Me too, and that’s literally what happens to Rayman. After being awoken from his slumber, he learns that The Bubble Dreamer’s nightmares have invaded the world yet again. The princesses and teensies have been captured. Who will save the day?


Much like other games in the genre, “Rayman Legends” starts out with pretty basic platforming elements like running, jumping, and attacking. You journey through levels full of dangerous enemies and environmental hazards, while trying to collect a ton of Lums along the way. Each major level has 10 hidden Teensies, so rest easy and let your inner completionist run free. Collecting enough Lums and Teensies will unlock even more paintings and doors for you to explore. The finale of each group of levels has you facing an epic boss, and if you defeat it you’re rewarded with a bonus stage that takes on a music rhythm twist.

The Wii U gamepad is most noticeably used when you tag in Murfy to take over. It sildenafil tinnitus allows you to slice through vines, tickle enemies, and protect him from projectiles like fireballs. This works well, but makes it hard to focus when you have to turn the gamepad around and around. I found myself just using the offscreen TV mode so that I could focus on everything that was happening at the same time. It’s worth mentioning that these unique portions of the Wii U and Vita version are diverted to AI on the other consoles that have no touchscreen or gyroscope.

Art Style

This game is powered by the UbiArt Framework, which was first used in 2011’s “Rayman Origins.” The art style presented here is truly great. The animations of the characters are fluid, and there is always something going on in the background or foreground. Although there are familiar elements that blur throughout the cialis edex five worlds, each feels entirely unique; presenting the player with a sense of wonder time and time again.

The music only reinforces the great direction, often inviting you to hum along without you even noticing that you’re doing so. And in that regard, this new version of Rayman is as much a joy to listen to as it is to actually play it.

Dveloper Profile: Ubisoft Montpellier

“Rayman Legends” is developed by Ubisoft Montpellier, who, as the name suggests, are based out of France. This is the same studio who brought the original Rayman and its sequels to life. They also made titles like “Beyond Good & Evil” and “ZombiU.” Their gameography is pretty impressive, showing clear ability and talent to create games that look and play great. I’m really looking forward to their upcoming puzzle adventure, “Valiant Hearts: The Great War.”

Big Nitpicks

I’ll preface this by saying that it seems sort of like a witch hunt pointing out the flaws in this game. While there are a few, they’re extremely minor in comparison to the enjoyable parts. However, they do still exist. The most troublesome to me was trying to command the character to do what I wanted once Murfy comes into the picture. Your character is basically on rails, so you’re out of luck if you don’t act quick enough and think what you want him to do ahead of time. If you miss a collectible by accident, you have to go back and replay the entire level to get it. Obviously you have to do the same while playing the proper platforming levels, but at least you’re at fault in that scenario. I found myself saying “no, over here!” as he ran the completely opposite direction.

It would have also been nice if the co-op included had online capabilities. While couch co-op is great for some and perfectly suited for this experience, gaming has obviously shifted to an online world where not all gamers or friends have that taking cialis and viagra at the same time luxury. It’s sort of unforgivable that we’re still getting games that lack this basic feature.

I was a bit disappointed by the small character variation. Though all of the princesses and other unlockable heroes have their own style, they are more like costume changes than anything else. I wish there had been a little more variety considering how great the 2.5 mg cialis designs are.


With that said, the overall package totally outweighs any problems I found. The variation in the levels is great, with everything from more laid back ones to explore to the Painting Invasions that are just plain intense. The bosses are epic and the music levels are so insanely fun once you master them. There are a ton of collectibles in the levels themselves, as well as things like creatures and bonus levels from “Rayman Origins,” which can be won from the scratch off system. Beating just the main worlds took me a little over 11 hours, so there’s a ton to do and see. The daily and weekly challenges will keep you coming back for more. One thing I can’t stress enough is how doing away with genre norms like lives and time limits totally benefit the game. There’s no real penalty for dying, but the game encourages you to learn from your experiences, and being able to explore at your own leisure is so inviting.

Overall Score

“Rayman Legends” is not only an incredible platformer, but also a tour de force for the team that created it. The level variation, epic bosses, and huge amount of content are just a few of the elements that make it so robust. The solid platforming and playful music evoke a sense of joy in the player that sits it comfortably next to the likes of Mario and Mega Man. That’s why I’m giving “Rayman Legends” a 5 out of 5.