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Super Time Force Review

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Time: once thought to be a strictly deterministic and immutable path to which all men are confined, turns out to actually be pretty darn easy to rewind, thanks to the efforts of the brilliant Dr. Repeatski. By some crazy happenstance, history goes haywire immediately after his discovering time travel: an evil Dr. Infinity and his band of “Blounbots” terrorize time and space. Luckily, Dr. Repeatski’s future self, Commander Repeatski, assembles a force more powerful than Time itself… the SUPER Time Force.

Super Time Force is a 2D side-scrolling bullet hell. The levels are timed and objectively last only a minute, and firefights are fast and frenetic, though the tutorial is deceptively long-winded and tame. This is by necessity, however, as the mechanics of STF are daunting in their premise and execution. Bearing in mind that most gameplay revolves around three buttons and one thumbstick, it’s easy to forgive first-timers for some confusion.

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of robots, dinosaurs, and post-apocalyptic bandits of the 1990s, you’ll have the ability to play as any of the diverse team that is Super Time Force. Each character has their own standard attack and special ability that shapes their unique playstyle, with each appropriate for different situations. Jean Rambois has a machine-gun with rapid fire capabilities; Aimy McKillin has a sniper rifle that can shoot through walls; Shieldy Blockerson…well, he blocks stuff with his shield. You’ll also unlock many more to choose from as you discover possible additions to the STF throughout history. Touching an enemy, or getting hit by projectiles, or falling into an abyss, spells certain death…or it would, if you didn’t have the ability to Time Out. A single button press pauses time; from there, it’s a simple matter of rewinding to a moment of your choosing, even to the very beginning of the level if you so choose, and respawning as any character you like, even one currently engaged in the paradox party. Once you’ve spawned at your chosen time, you’re free to rewrite history; previous selves spawn at their predetermined times, attack exactly at the times they did before, and perish in pre-determined fashion, unless you can viagra vs cialis vs levitra side effects prevent their death by destroying whatever killed them before it comes to pass. Doing so allows you to pick them up as a power-up, layering their special ability onto your own, and adding a single otc viagra extra health point against projectiles and enemies. Thus you can revel in viagra how long to take effect the unique “single-player co-op” that is at the heart of Super Time Force. I found myself typically working with a team of three different selves, but five or more were sometimes necessary to defeat bosses in a timely manner.

The aesthetic style of Super Time Force is decidedly retro, definitely adding to the time-traveling theme. Graphically, all the art is painstakingly pixelated in detailed 16-bit glory. While some might be wary of such a step back from the photorealism most modern games strive to achieve, there’s no reason to fear that any artistry is lost in this representation. Indeed, with the blocky texture the art style offers, the cartoony action of the game seems grittier for it. Bullets are more brutal, shrapnel more chunky, and explosions more robust, all by dint of the hard edges that blossom with startling speed as you blast your way through enemies. Speaking of which, the music is also a blast from the past, a cheap viagra cialis uk sweet, crunchy confection of chocolate chiptune by artist 6955.

The narrative premise of STF is a bit over the top, to say the least, and its delivery definitely matches. If you’re looking for a rich and engrossing plot filled with subtly shifting intricacies influenced by a panorama of dynamic player decisions, then I would recommend you look elsewhere. However, if you want genuine laughter, clever satire, and mindless action, this is definitely a winner.

Capybara Games is a relatively new developer, founded in 2003. Capybara rose to prominence from the indie

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scene of Toronto’s IGDA, initially developing mobile games exclusively. However, since their PlayStation Network release of the critically well-received game, Critter Crunch, they have branched out considerably. Their previous two titles were jointly released for console-arcade and mobile platforms, but Super Time Force will be their first that will be exclusive to the non-mobile market, followed shortly by their upcoming title, Below. Super Time Force is aesthetically similar to previous titles, but really showcases a creativity and wit that I believe couldn’t really thrive in the mobile market. buy real cialis Thankfully, this risky venture, which sprang up from a three day game jam experiment, has cialis generic online borne sweet, addicting fruit.

Super Time Force cialis 2.5mg reviews is fun, clever, addicting, maddeningly complex, and achingly funny, with a potent dash of nostalgia thrown in with the mix. The controls are a relief in their simplicity, given the intricate core mechanic, the play is dynamic and persistently challenging, and the art is exceedingly well-crafted. Hidden collectibles in each level, and a plethora of playstyles and characters to choose from, ensures steady replayability. My only possible hang-up is the brevity of the levels—even accounting for time reversals and time-limit extensions, a long playthrough normal dosage cialis of a level will run about ten minutes, which doesn’t seem like much bang for your buck; however, seeing all the multiple timelines compressed into one seamless 60 second bonanza at the end of each level somehow makes brevity the spice of this games life. I’ve already told my personal friends to go out and buy this game when it’s released, and I’d be doing a disservice if I didn’t offer you the

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same advice: for an unforgettable experience of time-traveling, action-packed hilarity, I’m giving Super Time Force a 5 out of 5.

I’ve got to get back to the future and continue playing this awesome game, but I’d love for you to get back to me if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or any other feedback! Just leave them in the comments section below, and I’ll be sure to reply when time allows. Like, share, subscribe, buy the commemorative t-shirt, and otherwise spread the word you heard it here on DvelopTV!

+ Hilarious Writing
+ Brilliant Mechanic
+ Variety of Characters & Levels
– Levels Feel Short
– No Multiplayer Support

PC Xbox PS3 PS4 Review of Child of Light

Review: Child of Light

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Child of Light
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Platform(s): Wii U, 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 PC

Face down the forces of Darkness as Aurora, a lost girl fighting through the magical world of Lemuria to rejoin her father, the Duke. This is “Child of Light” the whimsically refreshing new role-playing game from Ubisoft Montreal. Boasting Ubisoft’s new UbiArt engine, Child of Light delivers a lushly animated artistic world straight out of a fairy-tale.

Child of Light’s gameplay is in the style of an old-school JRPG, a mix between basic puzzle-platforming and turn-based battles. Both of these key elements of play work wonders with the art and environment, with the platforming promoting exploration of dreamy Lemuria, and the turn-based combat offering players plenty of opportunities to appreciate the design of characters, enemies, and levels.
One of the more interesting and unique features of Child of Light is the use of Igniculus, a small firefly-like creature who serves as your constant companion. Igniculus assists Aurora both in platforming (activating switches, blinding enemies to avoid battles, opening chests) and combat (healing allies, slowing down enemies). Though it is perfectly possible to control both Aurora and Igniculus at the same time in one-player mode, there remains the option to have a second player control Igniculus, which relieves some of the first player’s responsibility and allows for a more relaxed experience.
Combat and characters’ abilities rely on an extremely streamlined mix of skill trees, consumable items, and tailoring tactics to suit particular enemies; some are weak to one damage type, or may be resistant to others. During combat, all parties and their progress towards their next action are represented by icons on a single timer; while waiting for the next action, Igniculus can fly about to help or hinder as needed, so there’s always something to do between turns besides just gawking at the art.

That being said, one could easily be forgiven for simply staring every now and then (though combat probably isn’t the best time to suffer from art-induced paralysis). From the very first moments of the game, I was struck with a sense of wonder by the beautiful art of Child of Light. Using deep, vibrant colors laid on highly detailed and wonderfully designed environments and characters, Child of Light delivers an experience halfway between Chrono Trigger and Limbo, with a persistent dream-like quality, from which you won’t want to wake. The soundtrack is suitably fantastical, relying mostly on simple chamber-music arrangements, with song styles ranging from high-energy battle themes to more relaxed folksy tunes to explore to. Where the music really shines are in those areas dripping with drama, particular narrative moments where the music is downright haunting, or intense boss-battles featuring full orchestra and choir. In such moments, it’s easy to get swept up in the moment and really feel for Aurora and her roving band of adventurers.

Though the narrative of the game is a timeless classic of a child seeking to reunite with her parent, it is delivered in a fresh and striking package that dispels any notions of “cliche”. Story is delivered through speech bubbles and conversation panels, and occasional narrated animated sequences. One of the more interesting writing choices that really lends character to Child of Light is that all dialogue is written in rhymed verse. Even characters conversing with one another effortlessly engage in rhymed repartee, to the point that when one character struggles with improvising rhymed conversation, others express confusion.
Unfortunately, I found myself expressing confusion at every other character’s strict adherence to the rhyming style. As a poet myself, I was initially ecstatic to see the prevalence of poetic dialogue in this game. However, I also know how difficult it can be at the best of times to write an engaging, clear, concise bit of verse, and unfortunately, Child of Light too often falls flat. The choice to have all characters speak in rhyme reinforces the fairy-tale style, but robs the characters of most of their voice and individuality. What’s more, the writing is well done, but sadly, not well enough that it isn’t distracting, and fails to avoid seeming like a gimmick soon enough. Some dialogue is shoehorned in to force a rhyme, some rhymes are slanted, meter is too varied, and the whole idea, while incredibly bold, is simply too bloated to work well here.

Ubisoft Montreal, the Canadian subsidiary of French parent developer Ubisoft, is one of the largest developers in the industry today, and they boast an arsenal of widely-recognized franchises. Child of Light comes hot on the heels of the latest game of perhaps Ubisoft Montreal’s hottest series, Assassin’s Creed. Assassin’s Creed, like many of Ubisoft’s titles, has been delivered in a dozen different games, and is a steady source of revenue for the developer. With that said, it is extremely pleasantly surprising to see Ubisoft Montreal taking the risk of developing a brand new game without the foundation of a franchise to support it.
Child of Light is a novel approach that isn’t really reflected in any of Ubisoft Montreal’s pre-existing library, which have recently focused largely on 3D stealth and action-adventure games (Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, Prince of Persia, Splinter Cell). However, Child of Light does fit snugly with the style of Ubisoft Montpellier, whose focus has been 2D puzzle platformers like Rayman. Rayman Origins was in fact the first title to use the UbiArt engine, an innovative framework whose merit has been beautifully proven in its latest iteration. Hopefully, with the success of Child of Light and other new upcoming IP’s (Watch Dogs, Valiant Hearts: The Great War), Ubisoft will see that there is still plenty of room in the market for AAA innovation.

Child of Light is rated E for Everyone, and can honestly appeal to a very wide audience, child and adult alike. It combines stunning environments, an enchanting soundtrack, an engaging story, and clever gameplay, in a simple and easy to digest package. Aside from some issues with the difficulty in writing rhymed dialogue for every character, every aspect of the game is of superior quality. For these reasons, I would highly recommend playing it to anyone looking for a fun, wondrous RPG; I’m giving Child of Light a 4 out of 5.

I look forward to playing more of Child of Light, and seeing more like it in the future, but for now, that’s all I have to say on it! If you’ve got any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments section below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Be sure to like, share, subscribe, and tell everybody who’s anybody, and check back soon for more of the same!

Metal Gear Solid 5 Ground Zeroes Review for Xbox One and PS4

Review: MGS V: Ground Zeroes

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This is Skull Face, the mysterious leader of an organization known as the XOF. When Pah-z Ortega and Chico Valenciano go missing, it is up to Big Boss to infiltrate Camp Omega and investigate their whereabouts. Stealth and patience are key in Kojima Productions’ latest release.

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

The gameplay in Ground Zeroes operates in the same fashion that Metal Gear fans have come to know and love. Big Boss is equipped with weapons that aid him in taking out the enemies that inhabit Camp Omega, while still remaining hidden. However, you’re bound to run into trouble as you crawl through the grassy knolls and sneak past security cameras. My first inclination was to whip out my machine gun and take out

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as many guards as I could. Bad idea. Creating too much noise will draw the attention of anyone within the immediate area, and viagraonlinepharmacy-best eventually an entire firing squad is after you. Ground Zeroes rewards the player for going undetected and drawing as little attention to themselves as

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possible. The ability to permanently mark soldiers as they walk around is a nice way of showing the player what’s to come. And slowly creeping up behind guards and taking their lives into your own hands feels great. Do you interrogate an enemy, execute him, or simply knock him unconscious? Whatever you choose, remember you’ll need a safe place to hide the body. The Spec Ops missions highlight a few different gameplay scenarios that we can expect to see in Phantom Pain when it releases. The VIP mission in particular does a great job of creating suspense, as you race loss of hearing cialis to extract a target and make pharmacy technician of texas a getaway to the helicopter.

Though it takes place prior to it on the Metal Gear timeline, this game builds upon the realistic art seen in Metal Gear Solid 4. The design of Big Boss is definitely influenced by another stealth series. The power of the PS4 and the FOX Engine allow for some truly stunning visuals. Seeing the compound at night time for so long and then being reintroduced to it during daytime shows contrast and use of the real-time system. Things like water and lighting are small touches that stand out while playing. It’s hard to believe what we were originally shown is exactly how Ground Zeroes turned out.

Technically, Kojima Productions is the developer responsible for every title in the Metal Gear franchise. However, Hideo Kojima himself also helped produce the Zone of Enders series on PS2. After playing Ground Zeroes, my interest in Phantom Pain has increased quite a bit. Hopefully we get to play it sooner rather than later.

As the lines between retail and mobile titles continue to blur, gamers are often left wondering: what exactly defines what is and isn’t a game? The same line of thinking has been applied to the newest entry in the Metal Gear Solid series. Is it a game or just a glorified demo? To me, it’s an experience. My biggest complaint of Ground Zeroes isn’t what you think. No, it’s not the length of the main mission that bothers me, it’s the level of difficulty. Admittedly, I am a relative newcomer to the Metal Gear franchise. While I’ve always loved the character, villains, and gameplay.. this is the first entry I’ve played since the PS2. So take that for what it’s worth, but some of the missions in this game are unusually hard. And without spoiling anything, the unnecessary and over the top violence that occurs towards the end of the game is completely out of place. At times, Ground Zeroes is harder and more graphic than it really needs to be. Another minor thing that bugged me were the vehicle controls.. it’s a completely optional mechanic, but this game falls flat on delivering a good driving experience.

The good news it that the solid execution found throughout the game outweighs any of its flaws. While the world is part of something that will undoubtedly be expanded upon in Phantom Pain, the island in Ground Zeroes is still pretty huge. The player is given freedom to travel wherever they’d like, which allows you to approach missions from any direction. Creeping past enemies and otherwise being forced to act on your feet is an excellent way to create tension. Combat feels nice and fluid, while snapping a soldier’s neck or shooting them in the face is satisfying. More to the point, Ground Zeroes has great balance. Exploration is fun in its own right, and finding all of miss viagra the XOF patches only adds more incentive for doing so. Beyond the main missions there is a ton of fan service that even I thought was pretty cool to come across. It’s also worth pointing out how amazingly cinematic the game feels due to its high quality of direction and voice acting. The story has a great sense of humor and the writers constantly wink at the camera.

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is a game worthy of your attention if you’re willing to overlook the negativity that its length has brought to it. The truth is, there’s a lot more to do after you’ve completed the main mission. The Spec Ops missions that are unlocked put you into fun scenarios that test everything you’ve learned. Besides being visually stunning, Ground Zeroes encourages the player to think outside the box and explore the open world. The balance and tension within create a sense of urgency that requires you to really think of the best way to go about doing things. Where Ground Zeroes falters is the increased difficulty in some missions and strange twist of violence towards the finale. It feels out of place and just added for shock value.

I’m giving Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes a 4 out of 5.

Based on fan reactions, this game is creating quite the stir. But I want to know what you think. Leave a comment below – and be sure to check out our Facebook and Twitter pages if you liked this video.

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for watching! Don’t forget to subscribe and I’ll see you next time.

Wolf Among Us - Episode 1 Screenshot - Bigby Wolf

REVIEW: Wolf Among Us Ep 1: Faith

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If you look hard enough, everyone has a dark side and a story to go with it. Telltale Games’ new episodic adventure series The Wolf Among Us wants you to explore that dark side all while telling a compelling story of murder, intrigue, and punishment cialis and wellbutrin taken together all with a

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fantastical what is better cialis or viagra twist.

You’ll play as Bigby Wolf, the reformed Big Bad Wolf of legend and Sheriff of Fabletown, a swath of the New York city skyline populated by the former denizens of children’s stories cum-refugees of a catastrophic war.


If you’ve played a Telltale adventure game in the past few canada cialis years then the controls of this game won’t surprise you. As with their previous titles you’re able to control the main character’s movements with your keyboard or controller directly unlike most adventure games. Contextual menus appear over items and people and during combat or action sequences. You spend most of your time conversing with other characters to look for clues, catch them in lies, and sometimes just to get to know them a bit. The action has a really nice pacing and flow to it even if it does boil down to a series of quick-time events.


It might be a little out of the scope of this review to do it but I just have to. If you have never read any of the Fables comic book series that this game is based on then by all means, pick up the first story arc as soon as possible, you’ll thank me. Now you don’t really have to read the series to understand the game or enjoy it, but it could definitely help.

Episode 1 of the series, Faith, follows Bigby as he attempts to solve the murder of a mysteriously decapitated citizen of Fabletown and does a solid job of setting up darkly humorous and hard-boiled setting. Think of it as noir meets fantasy.

The game gives you a sliver of backstory about Fabletown at the onset and then asks you to just accept the premise and move on. I actually like this approach because it almost forces a suspension of disbelief. Couple that with smartly written dialogue, superb voice acting, and an intriguing concept and you have all the makings for a compelling story.

Art Style

The Wolf Among Us has some of my favorite art of any game this year hands down. The time and care that was put into the art assets for this game is evident. Where The Walking Dead took some liberties with the design of the source material this game feels like a faithful recreation down to the common details in character’s faces.

It also has some of the most interesting and evocative use of color I have seen in a video game. Every shot feels like a living comic book panel and displays a real economy of design.

Profile Comparison

Founded in June of 2004 by a group of former LucasArts developers Telltale Games started making a name for itself with a sequel to the classic adventure game series Sam & Max. They later became well known for high-quality licensed content such as the Back to the Future and The Walking Dead; the latter winning over eighty 2012 Game of the Year awards.

Telltale has proven that they’re more than capable of value online pharmacy producing solid, emotional, and at times heartbreaking video game experiences.

Big Nitpicks

I don’t have cialis low platelets much negative to say about this first episode. It’s certainly a little short but within the two hours max that it will take you to complete there is a lot happening. I just want more.


This has been one of the best gaming experiences I have had this year. It has a gorgeous and dynamic art style, a striking use of color, and engaging writing. The actual gameplay is simplistic but never boring and never intrudes on the player’s enjoyment of the story.

Overall Score

With its beautiful art style and compelling dialogue you should using cialis when trying to cialis dosage how much to take get pregnant absolutely pick up this first episode in what is already shaping up to be another wonderful experience from Telltale Games. I’m giving The Wolf Among Us’ first episode a five out of five.

And that’s all for this review folks! Be sure to check back with us over the coming weeks as I review each episode in the series. If you liked this review then go ahead and click subscribe, give us a generic viagra thumbs up, and leave a comment below! Oh and don’t forget to watch our episodic game development documentary Castor & Pollux!

Rayman Legends Review - Featured Image

Review: Rayman Legends

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Rayman Legends
Developer: Ubisoft Montpellier
Platform(s): Wii U / 360 / PS3 / Vita / PC

Have you ever been so tired that you thought you could sleep for a hundred years? Me too, and that’s literally what happens to Rayman. After being awoken from his slumber, he learns that The Bubble Dreamer’s nightmares have invaded the world yet again. The princesses and teensies have been captured. Who will save the day?


Much like other games in the genre, “Rayman Legends” starts out with pretty basic platforming elements like running, jumping, and attacking. You journey through levels full of dangerous enemies and environmental hazards, while trying to collect a ton of Lums along the way. Each major level has 10 hidden Teensies, so rest easy and let your inner completionist run free. Collecting enough Lums and Teensies will unlock even more paintings and doors for you to explore. The finale of each group of levels has you facing an epic boss, and if you defeat it you’re rewarded with a bonus stage that takes on a music rhythm twist.

The Wii U gamepad is most noticeably used when you tag in Murfy to take over. It sildenafil tinnitus allows you to slice through vines, tickle enemies, and protect him from projectiles like fireballs. This works well, but makes it hard to focus when you have to turn the gamepad around and around. I found myself just using the offscreen TV mode so that I could focus on everything that was happening at the same time. It’s worth mentioning that these unique portions of the Wii U and Vita version are diverted to AI on the other consoles that have no touchscreen or gyroscope.

Art Style

This game is powered by the UbiArt Framework, which was first used in 2011’s “Rayman Origins.” The art style presented here is truly great. The animations of the characters are fluid, and there is always something going on in the background or foreground. Although there are familiar elements that blur throughout the cialis edex five worlds, each feels entirely unique; presenting the player with a sense of wonder time and time again.

The music only reinforces the great direction, often inviting you to hum along without you even noticing that you’re doing so. And in that regard, this new version of Rayman is as much a joy to listen to as it is to actually play it.

Dveloper Profile: Ubisoft Montpellier

“Rayman Legends” is developed by Ubisoft Montpellier, who, as the name suggests, are based out of France. This is the same studio who brought the original Rayman and its sequels to life. They also made titles like “Beyond Good & Evil” and “ZombiU.” Their gameography is pretty impressive, showing clear ability and talent to create games that look and play great. I’m really looking forward to their upcoming puzzle adventure, “Valiant Hearts: The Great War.”

Big Nitpicks

I’ll preface this by saying that it seems sort of like a witch hunt pointing out the flaws in this game. While there are a few, they’re extremely minor in comparison to the enjoyable parts. However, they do still exist. The most troublesome to me was trying to command the character to do what I wanted once Murfy comes into the picture. Your character is basically on rails, so you’re out of luck if you don’t act quick enough and think what you want him to do ahead of time. If you miss a collectible by accident, you have to go back and replay the entire level to get it. Obviously you have to do the same while playing the proper platforming levels, but at least you’re at fault in that scenario. I found myself saying “no, over here!” as he ran the completely opposite direction.

It would have also been nice if the co-op included had online capabilities. While couch co-op is great for some and perfectly suited for this experience, gaming has obviously shifted to an online world where not all gamers or friends have that taking cialis and viagra at the same time luxury. It’s sort of unforgivable that we’re still getting games that lack this basic feature.

I was a bit disappointed by the small character variation. Though all of the princesses and other unlockable heroes have their own style, they are more like costume changes than anything else. I wish there had been a little more variety considering how great the 2.5 mg cialis designs are.


With that said, the overall package totally outweighs any problems I found. The variation in the levels is great, with everything from more laid back ones to explore to the Painting Invasions that are just plain intense. The bosses are epic and the music levels are so insanely fun once you master them. There are a ton of collectibles in the levels themselves, as well as things like creatures and bonus levels from “Rayman Origins,” which can be won from the scratch off system. Beating just the main worlds took me a little over 11 hours, so there’s a ton to do and see. The daily and weekly challenges will keep you coming back for more. One thing I can’t stress enough is how doing away with genre norms like lives and time limits totally benefit the game. There’s no real penalty for dying, but the game encourages you to learn from your experiences, and being able to explore at your own leisure is so inviting.

Overall Score

“Rayman Legends” is not only an incredible platformer, but also a tour de force for the team that created it. The level variation, epic bosses, and huge amount of content are just a few of the elements that make it so robust. The solid platforming and playful music evoke a sense of joy in the player that sits it comfortably next to the likes of Mario and Mega Man. That’s why I’m giving “Rayman Legends” a 5 out of 5.

Flashback HD Game Review Featured Image

Review: Flashback

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[youtube id="bcOsXYcdKKc" mode="normal" align="center"]

Developer: VectorCell
Platform(s): 360, PS3, PC

Flying cars, alien invasions, and advanced weaponry are just some of the main elements found in scifi movies. Sometime in the distant future, a mysterious man is shot down by a group of aliens. He escapes unharmed, but with no recollection of who he is or what has happened. A small holocube found in the jungle reveals that Conrad B. Hart is an agent of the Galaxia Bureau of Investigation. As an alien conspiracy begins to unfold, the fate of the planet hangs in the balance. And though HD remakes are all the rage right now, it’s pretty surprising to see VectorCell’s reimagining of the niche title

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If you’re unfamiliar with the original title by Delphine Software, “FlashBack” is a side-scrolling platformer. You climb and lower yourself from ledges in order to move throughout the world. Enemies like aliens cialis coupon 2013 and flying robots are no match for the charged shots from your gun. There are a few missions that you need to complete before you progress. In one, you are coupon for cialis called on to take out a certain villain who is causing trouble. Another has you picking up a parcel for a citizen who just needs a helping hand.

You can also use items like molecular glasses, which basically allow you to see enemies, mines, and secret passageways. But my favorite is pharmacy news in canada definitely the teleporter. You can throw it across any area and teleport to wherever it lands. This is an especially nice way to switch up the gameplay a bit. I was stumped on what to do on a puzzle involving lasers, but the teleporter came to the rescue. Throwing it through small tunnels and over large walls allows you to reach areas that were previously blocked off. It’s also great for avoiding the frustration of fall damage, which can kill you pretty easily if you’re not careful.

Gaining enough XP levels up Conrad, which grants you Skill Points that can be used to increase his Accuracy, Technology, and Stamina. There are also VR machines throughout the world that act as a tutorial for new ways to maneuver, as well as a way to earn more credits to upgrade your character.

Art Style

Overall, “FlashBack” is a pretty good looking game. The hand traced art style of the original has been replaced with that of a much more modern look. The new art may be considered generic or average by some, but the Unreal Engine really allows for some really nice environments. The jungle at the beginning is lush and caves later on show a lot of detail. It feels like the artists drew inspiration from something like Super Metroid. The design of Conrad was clearly pulled from characters like Nathan Drake of the “Uncharted” series and Jason Flemming of “Shadow Complex.”

Dveloper Profile

This remake of “FlashBack” is developed by VectorCell, who are based out of France. Not to worry, though, as it’s a different team by name only. The original game designer is still behind this title. This is only VectorCell’s second game since the formation of the new team, so there isn’t much of history to go on. Their first game, “Amy,” was largely non prescription generic cialis panned by reviewers. Hopefully revisiting this universe will help propel them to creating the kind of games they want to make.

Big Nitpicks

My biggest problem with this game is that the combat just isn’t that fun. Even though platforming is the main focus, you’re still fighting robots or aliens the majority of the game, so I feel it’s just as important. generic pharmacy online Shooting the same few types of enemies eventually becomes tired and things meant

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to spice it up like stealth kills aren’t satisfying at all. The scope of this game is pretty disappointing, especially when you’re introduced to the station for the first time. You travel via a subway system, so you’d think it was pretty big and there would be a lot to explore, but it’s not and there isn’t. I ran into a few bugs, like falling through a floor, and the death animations are completely lifeless. Finally, the ending of the story itself falls pretty flat. The final boss isn’t that difficult and the events aren’t made to be memorable.


I think what this game does best is create the backdrop and details of alien worlds and planets. There aren’t a ton of areas to explore, but the ones here are pretty different in terms of style. You begin in a green jungle, travel through a station, and even down into some sort of alien caves. The scenery around is constantly moving and making noises, which really brings it to life. I love that the story draws from movies like “Total Recall.” It still gives the game that great 90’s feel– you know, before things like “Mass Effect.” The leveling system is pretty thorough and adds replay value if you feel the need to keep playing beyond your initial playthrough. The teleporter is a great mechanic that is fun when it is utilized.

Overall Score

“FlashBack” is an okay platformer with a great atmosphere, but suffers from not being modernized nearly as much as it should have been. The ability to actually jump and more satisfying combat would have solved a lot of its issues. It has a worthwhile story that never sees its true potential due to the small scope of the interesting universe its told in. The leveling system and customization adds some replay value. Gadgets like the teleporter and molecular goggles are fun to use when they’re actually called for. But things like bugs and awkward deaths make it clear this game wasn’t fully polished. Whether it’s fair or not, the player won’t be able to help but to compare generic sildenafil citrate it to games like “Super Metroid” and “Shadow Complex.” It’s an okay experience, but chances are you’ve already played a game that does all it has to offer and more. I’m giving the revival of “FlashBack” sildenafil online a three out of five.

Charlie Murder XBLA Revew Featured Image

Review: Charlie Murder

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Charlie Murder
Developer: Ska Studios
Platform(s): 360 (XBLA)

Watching a band break up is as difficult for the fans as it is for the band members. Half of the fanbase tries to accept it; the other half considers it the end of an era. When a songwriter gets left behind and forgotten, he takes sildenafil citrate 50mg online it a little too personal and becomes the almighty Lord Mor-tuh-mer. An army of baddies is sent to infect the world, and it’s up to Charlie and his bandmates to take down the evil doers. Hey, the music business is a tough one! It might actually be the downfall of mankind in Ska Studios cialis and liver function latest Xbox Live Arcade release, “Charlie Murder.”


“Charlie Murder” plays much like the side scrolling brawlers that have come before it. You travel through a detailed world while beating enemies to a pulp by mastering heavy canada pharmacy and light attacks. Everything from witches wielding guns to giant sewer rats stand in your path. The combat itself feels fluid, as you can string together all kinds of attacks, whether it’s with your fists or weapons.

This game totally nails the weapon and gear system. Whether it’s a pistol or knife, each weapon has a unique feel and reacts differently. Your character is customizable through gear upgrades which can be bought at shops or picked up as loot. Each item has different stats, so cialis australia cost comparing and contrasting plays a huge part in picking your outfit. It’s a really refreshing take when compared to something like Castle Crashers, where the weapons had different stats but all acted in the same manner. The system keeps the player trying to find the perfect fit for each area. There are also tattoos you can get that grant your character some special abilities. This is great in a four player game, where one person can be the designated tank, healer, and

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so on.

The four player co-op mode feels like the way this game was meant to be played. You and three friends can battle throughout the chaotic world and loot for gear together.

Art Style

To be completely honest, I don’t really see the appeal of this art style at all. I’ve found that it is pretty polarizing– either you love it or you hate it. Though it’s much more colorful than Ska’s previous work, it feels dark and drab. Ultimately, it feels like a watered down version of their old games, and isn’t as

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visually appealing how much cost a viagra compared to what other games in the genre have to offer. I guess you could argue that the dark grunginess fits the subject matter cheap viagra fast delivery of the game, but what you’re left with is a pretty depressing art style. Maybe it’s just not for me!

The music in this game is a mix of fun and catchy punk rock tunes. I found a few of the songs stuck in my head after playing. I really the love the track “Consumerist Stomp,” which plays in the item shops. They’re pretty simple but effective. Even though the music isn’t directly related to what you’re doing, I’d put it up there with “Brutal Legend” in terms of creating a great rock atmosphere. You can even buy the full soundtrack in a “Pay What You Want” manner directly pharmacy online from the developers.

Profile Comparison

“Charlie Murder” is developed by New York based Ska Studios. They’re largely known for being the creators of the “Dishwasher” series, but are also responsible for the indie hit “I Made a Game with Zombies In It!” It has to be noted that this a team of only two people, sildenafil citrate dr reddy which makes their resume pretty impressive. I love that they design games that are an even better experience with other players.


Aside from the art style, there are some other problems I had with this title. The first being that the gameplay is uneven at times. The brawling and action are where the game really shines, yet it seems insistent on breaking that up with boring quick time events. The “Rock Band” and skateboarding portions feel particularly forced and just added for the sake of variety. I really just wanted to get back to fighting! The spike in difficulty towards the end of the game is only enhanced by the troublesome checkpoints. Even though I had the best gear available to me, I found myself constantly dying and having to replay several of the levels late in the game. Some parts of levels even have the music just completely drop out. The change is unexpected and jarring, especially in a game based around music! It’s worth mentioning that the online multiplayer is incredibly broken at the time of this review.

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The developer is aware of the problem, so I recommend sticking with offline co-op for now. It’s really inexcusable for any game, let alone one that’s being highlighted as one of the best of this summer. Finally, the menus are just bad. Though they allow you to change gear and items on the fly, they’re just plain clunky.


This is a fun addition to the genre, and even better if you have a few friends to join the carnage. Whether you’re beating guys with a candlestick or chucking grenades, there’s a lot of content to explore here. The weapon and generic pharmacy online gear system is great and will keep you looting for a long, long time. Customizing your character is a nice cialis dosage mayo clinic touch that will help differentiate your rocker from those of your friends or those you run into online. And the music will have you humming along even after you’ve set your controller down.

Overall Score

“Charlie Murder” is a fun brawler with a great core idea, but is unfortunately dragged down by some bad design choices. Things like forced changes in gameplay international pharmacy graduate canada stray from the fun, while badly placed checkpoints lead to some frustrating moments. The varied weapons and gear will have you playing for a long time after your first playthrough. If you can look past the art style, and I encourage you to do so, you’ll find a good game that’s a hell of a lot of fun, but that also tends to lose its way a bit. Check it out if you’re a fan of the art style, brawler genre, or games like Castle Crashers.

Brothers A Tale of Two Sons Review Featured Image

Review: Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons

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Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons
Developer: Starbreeze Studios
Platform(s): 360, PS3, PC

Whether it’s a sibling, significant other, or friend, there’s always that one special person you’d go the extra mile for. For two brothers from a far off land, it’s their ill father who clings to his life. Their only hope to save him is to find a generic cialis rx com special elixir that is many, many miles away. As they set off on their journey, neither of them could have ever imagined how big the world really is. And thus begins the online viagra epic adventure of Starbreeze Studios’ Xbox Live Arcade game, “Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.”


“Brothers” is inventive to say the least. Whether it’s in unison or separate, each brother is controlled by one analog stick. So in effect, it’s half cialis daily dosage twin stick shooter, half platformer. Moving back and forth between the brothers is key to some puzzles, others require you to work directly with one another.

As you progress through the story, you’ll quickly realize that each brother has their pros and cons. Only the big brother is strong enough to pull levers, while the younger brother has a better connection with the animals around. The puzzles start off simple, but become more complex and require you to think the situation through. It really made me think back to playing the puzzles in Portal 2.. you can only advance with teamwork. There are also some optional side quests that add to the richness of the story.

Art Style

“Brothers” is gorgeous. It sort of looks like a cartoon come to life. The canadian pharmacy deca durabolin characters themselves are simple, but the world they live in is vibrant, colorful, and really easy on the eyes. There are several different locales that all feel fresh and new. You’ll be in awe whether you’re visiting a small village, dangerous cave, or a land filled with giants. The Unreal Engine allows for some truly amazing visuals. Each place is brought to life by the new challenges and creatures around you. I particularly loved the snow, where you see small details like the footprints and ice that shines beneath the sun. The music in this game is a joy and fits every situation on screen perfectly.

Dveloper Profile

“Brothers” is developed by Sweden’s Starbreeze Studios. Say that five times fast! They’re most known for their work on the “Chronicles of Riddick” titles, as well as “The Darkness.” I love their willingness to not only try something new, but also tell a story worth experiencing. Starbreeze is also releasing a full retail game called Payday 2 next week. I can

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only hope that they have even more original ideas to wow us with in the future.

Big Nitpicks

My only problem with this title is that the controls sometimes feel wonky. Granted, they work beautifully 98% of the time, but that other 2% can lead to some frustrating moments. You really have to retool the way you think, yet sometimes the experimental nature of the dual controls is troublesome. It’s not a deal breaker by any means, and I can’t help but feel it’s my own fault after playing games the same way for so long, but it’s worth mentioning. Trust me, it’s totally worth getting through the learning curve, and I only had real control troubles at one portion. I also ran into a few glitches that took a bit of away from my 10mg or 20mg of cialis playthrough. Though none of them were game ending, they did force me to restart from my last checkpoint. If you happen to see any, be sure to tweet or email Starbreeze so they can hopefully iron them out in a future title update.


“Brothers” is one of the few games I’ve played that actually made me feel something. Just like the characters don’t know what’s in generic viagra store when they take off on their journey, neither does the player. There are twists and turns, and for once there is a game that isn’t predictable. You’re never quite sure what’s going to happen next, but damn if you don’t want to know! I found myself loving the characters the more I generic sildenafil citrate got to know them, and there’s a special bond between them that is relatable to everyone’s real life relationships. The sense of scope is great, as each location feels alive and different than the one you just left. The themes present throughout the story make the player feel a connection

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to the characters. What it really boils down to is this: Starbreeze stripped gaming down to its most basic elements and built it back up. It’s clear they focused on creating a story worth telling and a unique player experience that is addictive as much as it is endearing.

Overall Score

Though the controls do take some getting used to, Starbreeze has done an excellent job at fine tuning a core idea into something much, much more. The characters and the adventure within are sure to move anyone with even half a heart. The puzzles, side quests, and creatures only enhance the world that you’re dropped into. I’m giving “Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons” a 5 out of 5. Anyone who owns an cialis 20mg lilly Xbox 360, PS3, or PC should be playing this game. Do yourself a favor and go play it right now!!

Deadpool Game Review Featured Image

Review: Deadpool

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Developer: High Moon Studios
Platform(s): 360, PS3, PC

What if I told you there was a game that featured a Marvel character who plays in a bouncy house, kills himself out of boredom, and constantly makes fun of the player? The idea may seem crazy, and it is, but that doesn’t detract from what High Moon Studios has sliced up in their latest release, “Deadpool.”

If you’re not familiar with the character, Deadpool is all about kicking ass and getting a babe or two after he wins. He’s funny and crude, but clearly has the ability to take out entire armies of enemies. And that’s exactly what you’ll find yourself doing once the evil Mr. Sinister ruins the party with his cloned baddies.

“Deadpool” is a third person hack and slash, where you mix light and strong attacks to string together combos. But not to worry, shooter fans, High Moon has you covered, with everything from pistols to Cable’s laser gun in your arsenal. Each weapon can be upgraded when you collect enough in-game currency called DP, whether it be from forming a huge combo or gathering tokens scattered throughout the world. There are also some light platforming and puzzle moments that break up the carnage.

Graphically the game looks pretty good for the most part. There are some really nice touches, like the way Deadpool’s suit breaks away exposing his face if you take too much damage. There’s blood, tons of it, in fact, but it still manages to maintain the great look and feel of a comic. The cinematics are beautiful, and the way the animators were able to give so much personality and emotion to a masked character is impressive.

I think the art also really shines through in the amount of dialogue that is in “Deadpool.” The voice acting is great– from random baddies yelling insults to the fantastic Nolan North cracking jokes. Every character speaking makes the world really come together and feel alive. It’s

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like you’re literally inside a comic book!

This game is developed by San Diego based High Moon Studios. They first entered the gaming world in 2005 with their IP “Darkwatch.” After that they got scooped up to do the Transformers titles that coincided with the Michael Bay films. So they’re no strangers to developing licensed based games.. and they aren’t strangers to creating good games, either. I’m interested to see how their latest fares with other gamers, as I found it to be a refreshing experience.

My two biggest problems with “Deadpool” go hand in hand. The first being that the combat eventually becomes tiresome. While it’s fun you can learn new attacks and combos, you’re still fighting the same handful of bad guys throughout the entire story. know, I know.. a hack and slash is repetitive by nature, but the opportunity to play up such satisfying kills is somewhat wasted after 8 hours of gameplay. More stealth, platforming, and puzzles would have been great! The other being that the camera has a habit of going frantic, most noticeably in tight hallways. So while you’re trying to string together a combo, be ready to have it broken by some enemy you can’t even see..

“Deadpool” just oozes with personality. Whether it’s catching up with old friends or discovering one of the many ways it maintains

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an authentic comic feel, it will keep you smiling and laughing. Deadpool is funny, hilarious at times, and constantly breaks the fourth wall; keeping the player involved while putting he or she down at the same time. It constantly pokes fun at both itself and the pop culture of gaming. Killing enemies is satisfying as hell and you have freaking sledgehammers at your disposal. Sledgehammers!! THAT’S PLURAL!

Though he’s a Marvel property, High Moon has done a great job of creating a memorable video game character. It’s rare that a game presents you with so many laughs in such an off the wall approach. I’m sure a lot of gamers are wondering if a Deadpool game should even exist in the first place. Well, the answer is an enthusiastic ‘yes!’ and the gaming world is a better place because of it. In a time of super serious, oh my gosh that’s so realistic! games, this is a fun experience worth your time. That’s why I’m giving “Deadpool” a 4 out of 5.

State of Decay XBLA Arcade Featured Image

Review: State of Decay

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State of Decay
Undead Labs
Platform(s): Xbox 360 (XBLA)

Surely you’ve had the conversation with your friends before. You know, the hypothetical one where you all have different plans for what you’d do in the event of a zombie outbreak. Developer Undead Labs pulls from that very idea in their ambitious Xbox Live Arcade debut “State of Decay.”

State of Decay – Gameplay Undead

State of Decay is a different kind of zombie game. Rather than focusing on how the outbreak began, you travel throughout a zombie infested world in hopes of viagra canadian pharmacy one thing: survival. Making runs in neighborhoods to search for supplies and weapons will help you and your community of remaining survivors. Items viagra 2 chainz are scarce and you are forced to make do with whatever you happen to come across. Each day transitions from a beautiful sunrise to a creepy and lonely night. But where it really shines is the heightened sense of tension and atmosphere.

Whether it’s sneaking through bushes to avoid alerting zombie hordes or comforting other survivors who are upset.. every thing that you do in State of Decay matters. It’s up to you to be the leader and you alone decide if you want to let other survivors join your community or simply leave them to be ripped apart by a group of undead. Exploration is key, and I found myself setting personal challenges to go out just a LITTLE further each time.That’s only half of the hook, though, as every action has a reaction. Betraying the Trust of other survivors causes your relationship with them to gradually drop. Getting yourself into too much trouble can be fatal and if you die, that character is dead for good. There’s no

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recharging health meter or rewinding time here. All that hard work leveling up your character.. gone.

This constant struggle to do what you want versus what is best for your character keeps you thinking while you play. Run too much and your survivor will become fatigued, leaving you too weak to even properly swing a weapon. levitra viagra cialis You’ll find yourself injecting morphine and hopping up on coffee and energy drinks in hopes of making it back to your base in one piece. Your base is upgradeable by way of built additions that all members of the community benefit from. Want to construct a library and venture out to find books for it? No problem. The gun combat feels satisfying, as you try to avoid drawing too much attention with gunshots that will lure more zombies your way. Literally shooting zombie faces off never felt better!

Dveloper Profile – Undead Labs

Formed viagra from india safe in 2009, Undead Labs is a relative newcomer to game development based out of Seattle. They are set on making the “definitive zombie-survival game” alpha blockers and viagra and State of Decay feels like a huge step towards that accomplishment. They managed to take what is so great about zombies and turn it into a full fledged survival simulation that distances itself from other titles in the genre. The amount of detail and care sits State of Decay comfortably next to hits like “Left 4 Dead” and “The Walking Dead.” I can’t wait to see how this idea of a persistent open world zombie game is built upon. And it seems cialis for sale that won’t be long, as Undead Labs has full plans to keep supporting it with new updates and eventually launch a larger scale zombie MMO.

Decay of Decay

There are two main problems I have with State of Decay. The first being that it’s great viagra vs no viagra that the game wants to be this open world, but it definitely suffers from it as well. The framerate is constantly chugging along when cialis for sale online there is too much on screen at once and things like trees and buildings pop in when you’re traveling in a vehicle. I even once had an AI survivor I was speaking with completely fall through the floor of my outpost. The other being that the melee combat itself becomes repetitious and boring, sildenafil australia especially if you’re fighting a ton of zombies. And though it may does cialis work first time seem unfair, this game just screams online co-op like they had originally planned.

A Lot O’ Zombie Love

Overall, I love that State of Decay is something different in a genre that has seen very little innovation. It’s the sort of

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experience that seems so obvious, yet nobody else has really tried to create it on consoles. I can’t wait to see how the ideas presented here are expanded upon in future title updates and downloadable content.

State of Decay: Summary

With an impressive world, extensive amount of detail, and hours upon hours of gameplay– Dvelop.TV gives State of Decay a 4 out 5.